4th of July Announcement

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UPDATE: We’re thrilled to announce that editing is now complete. Our lean & mean team is now focusing on the visual effects, color correction and music. With a few more details to finalize on our highly-anticipated contributor perks, we look forward to wrapping post-production and shipping TRIPLE TIMe goodies in the next few months. Have a happy 4th!

It’s TIMe

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Today’s the first day of Spring. And the last day to fund TRIPLE TIMe’s Indiegogo campaign! We believe that it will surpass the funding goal. All we need is you.

Support making TRIPLE TIMe. Contribute today!

Contribute to this Indiegogo by March 20 for some cool perks! http://igg.me/at/tripletime

Thank you to all TRIPLE TIMe supporters who have shared the link, liked the Facebook page and made a contribution. We would not be where we are without you!

We Support the Making of TRIPLE TIMe! Will you?

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A few people from the MDG crew have joined forces with others to create a new sci-fi short film called TRIPLE TIMe. Right now the film is in the final stages of a funding campaign to make the magic happen. Check out this video clip for a behind the scenes look:

The Making of A VFX

If you’d like to contribute, there’s about a day left, so hurry and click the link below!

TRIPLE TIMe Indiegogo page

To keep tabs on the project be sure to like the TRIPLE TIMe page on Facebook, and then head over to scriptwrecked.com for more!

What powers your summer?

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It’s officially summertime and what better way to spend it than making fun plans? What are some of our plans? Oh, well let’s see. Crafting fun surprises, devouring a backlog of  must-see content, eating some good food.

Hitting up VidCon in August to see you and some other new friends. Yes, that’s right! We’d love to meet you!

If you’re planning to attend leave a comment to let us know so we can say hi!

Gemini Powers Activate!

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GeminiPowers-logo.360x360Our website is now live! Over the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you news, updates and announcements on our various productions in development.

We’re really excited to be kicking things off with MY DEMON GIRLFRIEND, a quirky short film about a loveable guy who thinks he’s found the woman of his dreams, only to discover she may have one major flaw. If the response is positive, we’ll turn it into an ongoing web series.

Future posts will highlight the development process, which will be of interest to anyone who’s interested in creating compelling videos for YouTube.

These days, all you need is a vision, a camera, and a group of enthusiastic friends to make something entertaining that connects with a wide audience. The Gemini Powers collective will be aiming to do just that.

Please subscribe to us on Facebook and/or Twitter to keep up to speed on all the latest developments!